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Listen. There are a lot of creeps out there.

Not everyone needs to have your number.

Why Use PrivacyText?

This one-of-a-kind app protects your privacy on every text you send. Get immediate access to numbers nationwide, so you can text clients and others from a local number. Never give up your personal privacy (or phone number) again. No contract or SIM is required!

Online Dating

PrivacyText gives you the ability to communicate safely, without needing to give out your personal number. Whether you want to exchange private texts or just want to feel safe, PrivacyText offers both!

Buying or Selling Online

Whether it’s Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist, let PrivacyText help you communicate with potential buyers and sellers without needing to share your personal phone number.

Personal Privacy

Maintain your personal privacy by using PrivacyText to send and receive text messages. Whether talking to your co-workers, patients, or students, PrivacyText keeps your personal number protected.

What Are People Saying?

Easy to navigate!

“I just joined online dating & think this app will be the safe bet to connect with new numbers and keep my info and number fairly private. So far, it’s great!! Can’t wait to use it even more and learn more features!”

– Maclalack!

App Store Review

Five Stars!

“I love that the app isn’t overloaded by features. It’s super easy to use and setup.”

– Gina Markis

Google Play Review

Love it!

“Finally – an app that’s easy to use, low cost, and does exactly as it promises and more. Thank you!”

– Joyful Events

App Store Review

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